CaRIne Crystallography 4.0 for Windows and Linux

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CaRIne Crystallography is a crystallographic software which has been developed since 1989 and which is used by thousands of persons around the world for teaching, research and edition is now available in a totally rethought version.

The first part of this new version 4.0 is focused on 3D modeling of unit cells, crystals, surfaces, grain boundaries and interfaces.


CaRIne Crystallography is a software which interactively deals with different geometrical representation of crystals :

Those different functions are usually distributed in several software. CaRIne brings them together in a friendly graphic user interface. This is time and cost saving.

Moreover CaRIne displays in a clear way the relations which exist between the different representations which is all the most appreciated among the teaching world.

CaRIne is curently used in 30 countries by more than 2000 teams and laboratories for research and teaching in the physics and chemistry, materials science and earth science fields.